Anti-theist convention 2020

Our speakers this year represent the UK, the USA, Canada, Nigeria and Denmark.

Mystery Keynote Speaker: Tribute to Christopher Hitchens

Lawrence Krauss: Delivering Science-based Governance


World-renowned theoretical physicist, commentator, bestselling author and President of The Origins Project Foundation, Dr Lawrence Krauss is an advocate for the public understanding of science, public policy decision making being based on sound empirical data, scientific skepticism and science education.


An atheist, Lawrence seeks to reduce the influence of what he regards as superstition and religious dogma in popular culture.

Stephen Law: Believing Bullshit


Stephen has recently retired from the post of Reader in Philosophy at Heythrop College, University of London. He is a prolific author of informative and educational philosophical books, his titles include The Philosophy Files, The Philosophy Gym, The Great Philosophers, A Very Short Introduction to Humanism and Believing Bullshit (How not to get sucked into an Intellectual Black Hole). 

He is here today to help us to learn how to combat the deluge of fake news that social media has unleashed upon our twenty first century civilization.

Lola Tinabu: Religion - Scourge of West Africa

Lola, originally from Nigeria, has lived in the UK for 30 years. She comes from a staunch Seventh Day Adventist Church family: her father was a Church Elder, her mother a Deaconess. She became an atheist 14 years ago and felt alone because she did not know any other black atheists. So, along with Clive Arunde, she founded the London Black Atheists in 2012 to address the need for the recognition of the insidious influence of religion in African culture. For example, the Christian Governor of Akwa Ibom state is currently being prosecuted by Atheist Alliance International for spending public funds on building an extravagant Worship Centre, which contravenes Nigeria's secular constitution.

LBA, recently rebadged the Association of Black Humanists, was the main organizer of the Festival of Freethought held in Red Lion Square, London, in 2018. 


Alex O'Connor: Life after God

Alex stormed onto the scene as a YouTuber while he was still doing his A levels!

He has a penetrating grasp of logic and a natural ability to communicate in language that everyone can understand. 

His meteoric speaking career has already taken him to California, Texas and Israel! 

He is currently reading for a degree in Philosophy and Theology at St John's College, Oxford.



Hitchens was passionate about finding meaning without religion so Alex has asked to speak to that subject.

The Consciousness Siblings: The Power of non-Belief

From Denmark, Birgitte Coste is an anthropologist, a consciousness coach, a parenting expert and owner of the website
Søren Lauritzen is a consciousness explorer and guide, speaker, author of several books and the owner of and
They say, "Beliefs limit, freeze and control consciousness, including our thoughts, feelings, actions, and perceptions. As parents one of our main jobs is being highly self aware - this includes questioning our own beliefs and not transferring limiting beliefs to our children."

Richard Rawlins: Doctors think they're god!


Richard speaks on the interface between belief and evidence, referring to his experience as an orthopedic surgeon and his talent as an entertainer (he is a Member of the Magic Circle). 

Those who attend the Gala Award Banquet and Cabaret may have their minds read by his alter ego, Professor Riccardo, Consultant Charlatan and Specialist in the Care of the Gullible! You have been warned!


On his serious side he makes presentations to Medical Authorities on the subject of Complementary and Alternative Medicines (Snake Oils), which he calls CAMistry. 


 In 2016 he was awarded the Presidential Prize of the Royal Society of Medicine’s Retired Members Society, for a paper titled Trust Me, I’m a Doctor.