Saturday 24th October 2020

09:15 John Richards: Welcome

The doors open at 08:30 am so arrive early if you want to choose your seat and grab a coffee from the onsite cafe.

The Lecture Theatre has tiered seating so you can easily interact when it comes to Q and A.

John Richards, the Convention Organizer, will open the Anti-Theist International Convention 2020 with a short introductory speech to the weekend of events.

09:30 Birgitte Coste and Soren Lauritzen: The Poison of Belief

Two for the price of one! Birgitte and Soren are life coaches from Denmark who help people to escape from the deleterious effects of beliefs.


Although we are all born without beliefs, the poison is often inflicted in childhood and it limits personal development thereafter. 

Their Consciousness Revolution program is more of a de-program!

10:30 Break

Drinks and snacks are available at the Cafe alongside the Lecture Theatre with seating indoors and on the patio.

There is also an exhibition area where you will be able to browse the books and other merchandise of affiliated organizations.

11:00 Lawrence Krauss: Delivering Science Based Governance


USA based, Canadian Professor Krauss has flown to our Convention especially to share his years of experience at lobbying Members of the House of Representatives, Senators and Governors to get them to pay attention to scientific evidence in their roles as elected members. 


 He is a lifelong campaigner for public policy decision making being based on sound empirical data, and scientific skepticism.

12:00 Lunch and Break-away groups 


Have a meal with kindred spirits!

Get to know your fellow atheists, take the time to discuss the morning speakers and enjoy the great cafes and restaurants of Brighton.

Many types of cuisine are available nearby.

14:00 A Tribute to Christopher Hitchens

16:00 Break
Another chance to mingle, get refreshed and visit the exhibition.

There will be book signings!

16:30 Lola Tinabu: Religion - the Scourge of West Africa

Lola is a longtime campaigner for London Black Atheists, now renamed the Association of Black Humanists. She is of Nigerian descent and speaks to Humanist and Skeptic groups on the distressing situation in her homeland since religious fervor took over.

The Christian Governor of Akwa Ibom state is being prosecuted by Atheist Alliance International for ignoring the secular constitution by spending public funds on an extravagant Worship Center. 

The Association of Black Humanists were the main organizers of the recent Festival of Reason and Freethought held in Red Lion Square, London. 

17:30 Deconvene

19:30 for 20:00 Gala Award Banquet at The Grand Hotel

Sunday 25th October 2020

9:15 John Richards: Welcome Back!


John will give an update to survivors of the night before and outline the program for the morning.




9:30 Richard Rawlins: Doctors think they're Gods!


An examination of the contemporary interface between medicine, magic and ministry. 


Richard is a semi-retired orthopedic surgeon who tours the UK speaking circuit as a 'Consultant Charlatan and Specialist in the Care of the Gullible'. 


He is a Member of the BMA Council and in 2016, he was awarded the Presidential Prize of the Royal Society of Medicine's Retired Members for a paper titled, Trust Me, I'm a Doctor. 


He is also a Member of the Magic Circle and is doing a performance as mind reader "Professor Riccardo" at our Gala Award Banquet Cabaret!


His website is



10:30 Break for Refreshments from the Cafe


The exhibition will be open and book signings will be happening.

12:00 Plenary Session


Our panel takes Q and A, deals with social media feedback that has come in during the convention and discusses the way forward to our next event.

Speakers who have so far volunteered to be on the panel include Lawrence Krauss, Stephen Law and Alex O'Connor

13:00 Departure

14:30 'Unholier than Thou' with Kevin Precious at The Temple Bar


Kevin Precious is a stand-up comedian, MC, promoter and former RE teacher.


Much of his material comes from his former profession!


He has performed his stand-up comedy routines at top venues all over the country including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Barnstormers events.

Go to The Temple Bar 121, Western Road, BN1 2 AD for more atheist fun!