The Gala Awards Banquet and Cabaret

The Anti-Theism International Awards Banquet 8pm April 4th 2020

Nominations have now closed

You've heard of the Oscars, Emmys and Baftas?


This is the Attys! (the Anti-Theism International Awards)


The Saturday evening Gala Award Banquet/Cabaret in The Grand Hotel (formal attire) will take the form of a sumptuous meal and an entertaining ceremony of awards to recognize noble atheists and ignoble theists!

We now have an opportunity for you to informally suggest nominees and vote for them on our Facebook page Anti-Theist International.


The Award Judges include Stephen Fry and Ian McEwan.


The Ceremony will be hosted by comedian Kevin Precious and will include a cabaret spot by mentalist Professor Riccardo. 

Video messages from well-wishers around the world will be screened and the evening will end with the auction of a specially commissioned portrait painting of Christopher Hitchens.


A raffle of Goody Bags full of Convention Memorabilia will be held for the benefit of Brighton Women's Centre.  

The Atty Award for a Lifetime of Service to Rationalism


Richard Dawkins will be presented with the Lifetime of Service to Rationalism Award by Lawrence Krauss


Richard moved from his post as an evolutionary biologist at Oxford University to the position of Professor for The Public Understanding of Science and, in that role, he has appeared on screen and in person worldwide.


A montage of clips of memorable incidents in his career will be screened. 

Nominations for the 2020 Atty Awards have now closed

The Atty Awards aim to become the most prestigious International Anti-Theism Awards and winning an Atty will surely get you recognition within the Atheist Community.


The deadline for nominations, made on the form below, is the 31 January 2020 then voting will continue until 29th February 2020. Judging will take place in March 2020. The Judging Panel includes Stephen Fry and Ian McEwan. 


The Awards will be presented by some of the most famous atheists on the planet and the winners will be invited to the VIP Champagne After Party in the King Suite of the Grand Hotel with the celebrities.


Shortlisted nominees will need an internet connected computer for an interview.

If  you feel that you are eligible for an Atty, or you know someone who might be, please take the time to fill out the sections below and one of our team will be in touch with you.


Nominations have been made by people in the UK, the USA and Australia.

The 2020 Atty Awards are for:

Atheist of the Year 2020

Our most prestigious annual award, this trophy will be presented to the person who has defined themselves, their situation, or their work around the normalization of Atheism or Anti-Theism.


The recipient of this award will have shown him/herself, within the last year, to have been an outstanding member of the atheist community having contributed to making the atheist way of life come to be perceived as normal.

If you think you, or someone you know, qualifies for the Award of Atheist of the Year please complete the form below.

Atheist Author 2020

For centuries it was practically impossible to get a publisher to handle any 'blasphemous' writing.

Modern technology has provided a springboard of opportunity to the market for openly atheist authors. 

Having written a book is an amazing achievement. We wish to give credit where it is deserved by presenting an Award.

If you think you, or someone you know, qualifies for the Award of Atheist Author 2020 please complete the form below.

Please post an Amazon link to the book you are recommending in the Tell Us Why section.

Jesus Mythicist 2020

As the lack of evidence for a 'son of god' gains traction in the public consciousness, authors and academics have boldly expressed the idea that maybe Jesus did not even exist. 

Some Jesus mythicists are comfortable with the idea of a non-godly wandering prophet while others proclaim that there's not even any clues for the existence of such a man: they suggest the character was entirely made-up for the profession of street preaching - story-telling and passing a hat round.
The catalogue of books and videos expressing these views is growing. If you think you, or someone you know, qualifies for the Award of Best Jesus Mythicist please complete the form below.

Atheist Podcaster 2020

We live in a new era of internet technology: social media makes it possible to disseminate ideas like a contagious disease. Occasionally, a message catches the public imagination and goes viral all around the world. 

We are looking for the creative person at the epicenter of such a campaign that promoted the concept that atheism is normal. 


If you think you, or someone you know, qualifies for the Award of Atheist Podcaster of 2020 please complete the form below giving us a link to the podcast in question.

Atheist Musician Award 2020

The Atheist Musician Award will be awarded to the person who has written or recorded the best/funniest version of an atheist song.


Many musicians have come out publicly as atheists. Their work needs recognizing! God doesn't own music! It can be uplifting in any cause.


If you think you, or someone you know qualifies please complate the form below.

Best Atheist Video 2020

YouTube is treating us to a massive quantity of videos; moving pictures are ubiquitous. It's not just cuddly kittens, some very astute young men and women have made careers for themselves by attracting thousands of paying subscribers.


We are looking to recognize the best of those who post high quality videos with atheist content.


If you think you, or someone you know, qualifies for the Award of Best Atheist Video Maker please complete the form below.

Atheist Comedian 2020


Who can forget Dave Allen, George Carlin and others?
Let's face it, most comedians are atheists.

I only know of one who is religious and he's not funny!


We are looking to recognize the best atheist comedian of 2020. Maybe the winner will come to collect their prize and make us laugh!


If you think you, or someone you know, qualifies for the Award of Best Atheist Comedian please complete the form below.

Hitchens Trophy for Atheist Eloquence

His rumbling bass voice speaking, ex tempore, prose fit for an editorial in a broadsheet, including words that are not in the common vocabulary and quotes from the wise and the ancient, Hitch was mesmerizing to all who had the good fortune to hear him perform. 

He was a one-off, but there are some present day orators who are impressive in their own distinctive right. We want to reward them for their rhetoric.

If you think you, or someone you know, qualifies for the Hitchens Trophy for Atheist Eloquence please complete the form below.