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We have decided to reopen the Atty Award Competition

A Second Round of Nominations will begin again soon

Existing nominees and their votes are being archived and new ones will be added to the list

The process of determining the awards has three phases: nomination, voting and judging. Anyone can nominate on the correct form. Nominations that have been received will be posted with a picture and description (if obtainable) and ballot forms will be posted for voting. Votes received will be counted and the top three sent to the judging panel. The winner will be announced at the Gala Award Banquet. Interviews may be conducted with nominees to help the judges in their deliberations. All our videos can be seen on our Facebook site: Anti-theist International. Staff of A-TI are barred from entering, nominating and voting in this competition.

Voting will re-open after a new round of nomination


Now's your chance to get nominated or to nominate your preferred atheist activist for the eight awards below.

The covid 19 enforced postponement of our event has enabled a Second Round of Nominations.


The three winners of the people's vote in each category will go before our judges in March.

Head judge is Ian McEwan.

Current Nominees for Atheist of the Year Award 2020

Nominee: Daniel James Sharp

Category: Atheist of the year

Category: Atheist Podcaster

Category: Hitchens Trophy for Atheist Eloquence

Reason: Daniel is the president of the university of Edinburgh Atheist, Humanist, and Secularist Society, as well as political editor for The Broad and a staff writer for Areo Magazine. He has written for many other outlets too, such as Quillette and the New English Review, and many of his articles concern religion and atheism/anti-theism: it’s an issue which he constantly returns to. Daniel has reviewed Richard Dawkins’s new book, a book on the Westboro Baptist Church, AC Grayling’s most recent book, and written about the need for a secular state and the need to tackle religious mutilation of infant genitalia, to name but a few of his contributions to the discussion. 

Nominee: David Warden

Category: Atheist of the year


Reason: David has been nominated, as he is the current chairman of Dorset Humanist. Atheists have been working with David for a few years now and in all the time they have known him he has been a shining example of what an Atheist should be. He has worked extraordinarily hard to run events across Dorset for Atheists and Agnostics to make them feel included and to show how valuable it is to be a part of the community. David organises talks with speakers, social events, fundraising appeals, and so much more and has brought our Humanist community much closer. David deserves to know just how valued his contributions are.

Nominee: David Silverman

Category: Atheist of the Year

Category: Atheist Author of 2020


1) Organized two World Atheists meetings in Washington, DC.  2012 & 2016

2) Author of book 'Fighting God: An Atheist Manifesto for a religious world'


Nominee: Michael Sherlock

Category: Atheist of the Year 


Reason: Michael is utterly tireless in his aim to spread the word of atheism. He is erudite, fearless and just. His social media work is of a very high quality, and his debating skill is hard to counter. He has dedicated his life to the cause


Nominee: Hector Avalos

Category: Atheist of the Year 2020


Reason: Hector Avalos was a professor of Religious Studies at Iowa State University, biblical scholar, and the author of several books on religion. Avalos is an atheist and advocate of secular humanist ethics. He’s authored books, posted many YouTube videos which have been instrumental in aiding a generation of atheists.

Nominee: Kenneth Humphreys

Category: Atheist of the Year 2020

Category: Atheist Author 2020

Category: Jesus Mythicist of 2020

Category: Atheist Podcaster 2020

Category: Hitchens Trophy for Atheistic Eloquence

 Reason: Ken's book and corresponding website, Jesus Never Existed, is an easily comprehensive and well researched project. It's an important piece of literature and for some of us, life changing.

He helped me and I am sure that his words will help you too! Yes, I speak of a wonderful man named Ken Humphreys. He is the owner of the website called and the author of the book Jesus Never Existed. Ken Humphreys is well-spoken, eloquent and passionate about his research into Christianity.  His words regarding Christian history, the biblical canon and the historicity of Jesus is clear and thought-provoking for all those seeking something substantial and reasonable on the subject-matter. What's more, listeners of Ken Humphreys from various backgrounds will find healing from the affects of Christianity in their own personal lives and begin to understand how society is the way it is today

Nominee: Osvaldo Perdomo

Category: Atheist of the Year 2020,

Category: Jesus Mythicist of 2020

Reason: During the whole of 2019, I have posted several thoughts, Bible contradictions and absurdities on Facebook.

I have shown that the original Ancient Testament texts were manipulated to influence on people's beliefs, and that the whole New Testament (except the book of Revelation, a copy of the Book of Enoch) was written by members of the roman family Calpurnius Piso

Current Nominees for Atheist Podcaster of 2020

Nominee: Nicholas Lamar Soutter

Category: Podcaster of the year



Reason: Nicholas is an author of 2 books, and a philosopher and speaker on humanism and (a)theism. He maintains a blog and a YouTube channel. He is particularly adept at framing his arguments in a way that challenges god beliefs through a humanistic lens that causes his interlocutors to consider the effects of their beliefs at a personal level.


Nominee: Jim Hall

Category: Atheist Podcaster


Reason: Jim Hall co-founded and co-hosts the podcast, Atheist Edge in this brief time, Jim has sought out to interview not only other atheist but theist and other thinkers to better understand the dynamic between the 2 and see if any common ground exists between them.

He does it all for the show- produces, edits, music, sets up lights, sound, cameras, writes, directs, cajoles, argues, debates, and always entertains.

His knowledge on all subjects presented is thorough, well researched, and ardently presented.

Other Nominees for Atheist Podcaster 2020 include  Kenneth Humphries, Daniel Sharp, (already posted on this page)

Current Nominees for Atheist Author 2020

Nominee: Michael Smorenburg

Category: Atheist Author 2020


Reason: The book, The Trojan Affair, by Michael Smorenburg covers so many facets of life in a small town, Carnavon in South Africa near the SKA telescope site in the Karoo. The mixed race son of scientists from Oxford in the UK, who questions this town's religious fanaticism and small town thinking , has to content with issues such as bigotry & prejudice to outright violence when he is ambushed on a lonely road with a cross-wire, while riding his motorbike. Several sub themes are woven into this rivetting novel, from the value science brings to humanity, to the difficulty in overcoming entrenched patriachy and religious fundamentalism. 

Other Nominees for Atheist Author 2020 include Rebecca Fox, David Silverman, Kenneth Humphries (already posted on this page)

Current Nominees for Jesus Mythicist 2020

Nominee: Pier Tulip

Category: Jesus Mythicist of 2020


Reason: A mythographic research in antithesis to the canonical line of historical research on the origin of Christianity.

A new exegetical analysis suggested by an original idea of decoding the Egyptian solar myth: from this decoding comes a long series of allegorical interpretations of many Gospel episodes, andJesus appears as an allegorical character representing the Sun God, the god of all ancient religions.




Nominee: Mike Lawrence

Category: Jesus Mythicist of 2020

Reason: As a former President of Watford Area Humanists and Secularists, I have personally known – and got on well – with Mike Laurence over a number of years. He personally visited us in Watford on several occasions to make audio-visual presentations based on astronomical and biblical analysis which our members always found most interesting – invariably sparking many questions and discussions. Mike has produced many videos, two books, and presented to groups across the country, some of which I have attended, on his thesis that the gospels are a reverse construction, compiled as a theological response to the fall of the Second Temple. What Mike makes abundantly clear is that there is no real contemporaneous evidence that any such 'Jesus' actually existed at the time that it is claimed he existed. This is often something which even long-term atheists are unaware of. Mike is a treasure store house of a myriad of facts and figures in this regard. His thesis explains how the gospels combine the destruction event with ancient Jewish prophetical veneration of, and fascination with, the astrologically based number 70. This is a unique and somewhat convincing argument for mythicism. Mike has also demonstrated – with some well document and presented support – that the concept of a dying and rising demigod referred to as Jesus (‘Saviour’ in Hebrew) existed before 30 CE, and this pre-existing worship of a dying and rising Jesus demigod is plagiarised and personified in the gospel stories. Mike is a formidable ambassador for atheists not only In the UK but also in other parts of the world where he has visited and propounded his theories which have challenged the contents of the various components of the so-called synoptic gospels. Mike is truly an expert when it comes to debunking much of the idiocy of religious belief.

Other Nominees for Jesus Mythicist 2020 include Kenneth Humphries, Oswaldo Perdomo, (already posted on this page)

Current Nominees for Best Atheist Video 2020

Nominee: Antony Magnabosco

Category: Best Atheist Video 2020

Reason: How We Let Go ( is the best video about atheism of the year. It's moving, beautiful, community-centred and part of a larger project to promote people moving away from faith.

Nominee: Jim Hill of Atheist Edge

Category:  Best Atheist Video 2020


Reason: 'The Problem of Suffering' is an atheist video produced by Atheist Edge in 2019.


It explores and disects the preposterous nature of 'gods love' in the face of torture, loss of limbs and  horrible deaths for millions, and grotesque deformities and unreasonable deaths of the young.

It asks for reasonable and rational answers for such...and sadly finds none from any of the worlds ardent yet myopic theists…

Current Nominees for Atheist Comedian 2020

Nominee: Ricky Gervais

Category: Atheist Comedian 2020


Reason: Goes without saying...

Nominee: Tim Minchin

Category: Atheist Comedian 2020


Reason: Tim Minchin is 'smart'. Intelligent, insightful, a razor sharp wit, with great piano playing and such STYLE!!!


A composer, lyricist, award only have to go to youtube and watch 'Thank you God (for fixing the cataracts of Sam's mum)' to  see he's clearly worthy of 'Atheist Comedian of 2020'.


Nominee: Jim Jefferies

Category: Atheist Comedian 2020


Reason: Jim is hilarious and doesn't shy away from his beliefs in his act.

Nominee: Carl Merritt

Category: Atheist Comedian of 2020


Reason: Carl Merritt, or the Liberal Atheist Comic, launched his career in comedy in 2019, in the very liberal (sarcasm) community of getting fired from one of his first gigs; imagine that!

Carl is a funny, eloquent, deep thinking, and avant garde comedian...he also has produced provocative videos that he titles 'Cringeworthy'; the first being about the Evil works of Mother Theresa…

Nominee: Jimmy Carr

Category: Atheist Comedian 2020


Reason: Because he is 'king hilarious.



Current Nominees for Atheist Musician 2020

Nominee: Geddy Lee

Category: Atheist Musician Award 2020


Reason: Band member of Rush

Performed several well known songs question faith and religion.

Nominee: Shelley Segal

Category: Atheist Musician Award 2020

Reason: Shelley Segal hails from Australia, but her deep humanism,  her support for equality and womens rights and her beautiful and thought-provoking song writing is of an International vibe!

Shelley not only produces great music, she encourages atheists, freethinkers and humanists in all their endeavors as well as other musicians to live their lives on their own terms...