Stephen Fry has chosen the winner of the Christopher Hitchens portrait painting competition

and he's tweeted us!


Drum roll,

                                                           and the winner is...

Mike Lawrence!

As well as being a gifted artist, Mike has been nominated for our Jesus Mythicist of 2020 Award!

See Nominees page


Mike's friends can access a discount code here

to receive a discount code for £50 off the Weekend Pass or £20 off the Banquet ticket.

The competition to win the commission for painting a portrait of Christopher Hitchens is now closed.

Here is the video of the handover event on the steps of the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square.

Mike's portrait will be on show at the Lecture Theatre exhibition area before being auctioned at the Banquet.

 Mike gets the £500 prize, a free Banquet ticket and discount codes for £50 off the Weekend Pass or £20 off the Banquet Ticket for up to 10 of his friends. Claim your discount here: