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COVID-19 has forced the postponement of this event

The new date is provisionally April 2021

Existing tickets will be valid for the new date

Anti-Theism International Convention 2021

Brighton England

Anti-theism International is named in homage to Christopher Hitchens who preferred to call himself an ‘anti-theist’.
The 2020 European Convention 
offers presentations by top-rank speakers all day Saturday and Sunday morning, with a separately ticketed Saturday evening Gala Award Banquet and Cabaret.
Fulfilling the International nature of this event, our speakers represent the UK, the USA, Canada, Denmark and Nigeria.


Stephen Fry chose the winner of our Paint a Portrait of Christopher Hitchens competition and tweeted us. 


See below for the winner with his painting...

Mike Lawrence with his winning portrait. 



The video of Mike receiving his prize is on our Facebook group here:

Who we are

Campaigners for freedom from faiths

2020 Awards

Recognition for Atheist Heroes


Prices frozen

Our Mission

Anti-Theism International seeks to combat the toxic influence of religions on government, education systems

and society at large, and to normalize non-belief.

We wish to continue the outstanding work being done by Christopher Hitchens before his premature death.

229 Million People

 Are subjected to theocratic rule under threat of cruel punishments

30% of Infant Males

Are needlessly circumcised without their permission

10% of Homosexuals

Are physically assaulted because of their sexual orientation

Guests and Speakers 2020

Richard Dawkins

The world’s most famous atheist, Richard's books include The God Delusion, The Selfish Gene and The Magic of Reality. In his role of Oxford Professor for Public Understanding of Science, he has appeared all over the planet.

Richard Rawlins

Multifaceted, self-described 'humble surgeon' Richard appears twice in our program, once with his serious hat on as a campaigner against Snake Oil Salesmen and once as mind reader 'Professor Riccardo', Member of the Magic Circle, in our Gala Award Cabaret.

John Richards

A-TI Convention organizer, John is a Member of the Council of Atheism UK and Publications Director of the global organization Atheist Alliance International.

He debates theists at UK universities and presents to Humanist chapters. 

Lola Tinabu

Lola is of Nigerian descent and speaks on the Scourge of Religion in West Africa for the Association of Black Humanists (formerly London Black Atheists)

Kevin Precious

Kevin is an RE Teacher turned comedian, with a fund of material from his former profession!

His recent appearances include the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Barnstormers gigs around the UK. He is hosting the Gala Award Ceremony and Cabaret for us.

Lawrence Krauss

Reknowned Canadian Physicist Lawrence is an advocate for the public understanding of science, public policy based on empirical data, skepticism and science education. He will be signing his book A Universe from Nothing.  

Birgitte and Soren

Two Danish consciousness experts on the power of non-belief and how to create a good life experience for yourself and your children by abandoning limiting beliefs.